Physiotherapy websites

Physiotherapy- These are websites with nice blogs and resources

Diane Lee, Canadian Physio, integrated systems model, abdominal canister. Has a pelvic support belt and free lectures in resources  Information on pelvic floor exercises for men & women including urinary & faecal incontinence/ erectile & sexual dysfunction. Key references to articles & textbooks for medical professionals Specialist in Women’s Health with You tube video blogs including pre and postnatal advice and tips  Anthony Lo Physio – The Pelvic Health Podcast with Lori ‘the physio down there’ Forner  Neuro-orthopaedic Institute Australasia provides evidence based multimedia resources & courses for the treatment of pain  Zachary Long PT, Blog on core/exercises/injuries etc  Summarises current Evidence Based Practice to connect physiotherapists worldwide by sharing knowledge / you tube videos & links  Jenny Burrell one of UK’s leading educators in pregnancy/post-baby/female fitness & wellness with online education & courses  Tracy Sher PT ( Excellent Pelvic Anatomy resource  Dr Ginger Garner author of ‘Medical Therapeutic Yoga’/ Women’s Health & Sports Medicine PT offering training for health professionals  Dr Nicole Cozean / Premier Pelvic physiotherapy Clinic & Author of Insterstitial Cystitis Solution  Online webinars & courses Online & Live educational courses specialising in Pelvic health for adults & Paediatrics  Adam Meakins Resource & Blog  Online strengthening videos & Recovery guides for prolapse/hysterectomy & childbirth founded by Michelle Kenway PT  Tracy Sher pelvic Physiotherapy website  Producer & host of Pelvic Health Podcasts  Canadian Physiotherapy Association PT resource  Education for medical professionals including Evidence Based practice in Pelvic floor physical therapy for pelvic pain. Authors of Pelvic Pain Explained  PT blog & creator of The Pregnancy Club online programme  Educational Resource for pelvic floor rehab with online courses  Samanth Cattach Pelvic health Physiotherapist & Restorative Exercise Specialist  Pelvic Rehabilitative Institute providing Continuing Education courses for medical professionals in pelvic floor dysfunction  Blog/Exercise Guidelines and useful links



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