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Ailish started teaching pregnancy fitness classes in 2008. She wanted to merge her physiotherapy training with exercise and movement. The need for dynamic and challenging exercise in pregnancy became apparent and Ailish began creating classes which are a fusion of many different forms of exercise. This was the start of The Bump Room. 

Ailish got pregnant in 2009 and experienced Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). This experience allowed Ailish to develop and modify the content to support women with PGP to keep moving. The demand for the classes was growing so Ailish and Caitriona united to create the Bump Room brand in 2013.  

Ailish and Caitriona’s vision to reach more women led to the creation of a team of physiotherapists to grow and support each other. They developed a training and mentoring programme for physiotherapists.  

Next, the first online classes ‘Your Bump Room’ was launched in 2016. 

Bump Room Workshops commenced in 2017 for Physiotherapy Training. 

Enter Fiona in 2018. Fiona was teaching postnatal classes and working as Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapist in a large Maternity Hospital. Ailish approached Fiona to join forces at The Bump Room as they were both aware of the huge challenge for mothers between having your baby and getting back to your normal exercise. 

 In 2019 Fiona created the Bump Room Beyond Birth online post-natal programme as a stepping stone back to full strength. 

Then COVID came and the Bump Zoom Rooms were launched in October 2020. The positive outcomes of Zoom are reaching more women and the creation of the Finding Relief class to cater specifically for women dealing with PGP and women moving towards the end of their pregnancy.   

To continue our vision to reach and support all women, The Bump Room Community launched in January 2022. 



  • The Fearless Visionary. 
  • Teaching Bump Room Classes since 2008. 
  • Qualified as a physiotherapist from Royal College of Surgeons in 2005. 
  • Ailish fulfilled her vision of developing a team of physios in The Bump Room who support each other and share ideas in order to deliver the best classes. 
  • Ailish is passionate about the changes and challenges of motherhood. She is a Motherhood Studies practitioner and continues to study the identity shift that occurs in motherhood.  
  • Mother to 3 children: Niamh, Anna and Maria and proud to Mother an inspiring neurodiverse child 
  • Favourite Quote: “It is not the easy or convenient life for which I search, but the life lived to the edge of all of my possibility” Maryanne Radmacher
  • Fun Fact: Ailish was a lifeguard on the East Coast of America for 2 summers (Think Baywatch!).
  • 3 words to describe yourself: Loyal, Brave and Open 
  • My Why- Ailish’s favourite conversations are where she empowers women, especially Mothers, to see what’s really important to them in order to create a life of freedom, power and peace. 



  • The Voice of reason. 
  • Specialised in women’s health since 2008. Completed a post graduate certificate through the University of Bradford: Continence for Physiotherapists. In 2012, she completed Masters in University College Cork and did her research on obstetric anal sphincter injuries. 
  • Senior Physiotherapist in large maternity hospital for 7 years.  
  • Moved back to the Kingdom (Co. Kerry) in 2014 and works in private practice in Kerry Physiotherapy in Killarney.  
  • Created The Bump Room Beyond Birth Programme in 2019. 
  • Mother to 2 girls, Róisín and Caoimhe. 
  •  There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” Jill Churchill 
  • Fun Fact- Fiona once played her accordion for the President, Mary Robinson. 
  • 3 words to describe yourself- Reliable, Curious, Loyal 
  • My Why- Like you, Fiona is a busy mum trying to find the balance between raising two beautiful girls, while working and keeping herself strong and healthy. She realises how truly exhausting and challenging it is to feel fit and strong after having a baby and wants to support women to be able to do it because it’s so important. 


  • The Heart and Soul. 
  • Teaching Bump Room classes since 2011. 
  • Mother to 3 children, Leighton, Robyn and Lauryn. 
  • Qualified as a physiotherapist from University College Dublin in 2004 and worked in a large teaching hospital before moving back home to Co.Clare  to work in a busy, dynamic musculoskeletal Physiotherapy clinic.  
  • Masters in Science of Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy in 2010  
  • Favourite Quote: Sometimes’ said the horse, ‘Sometimes what?’ asked the boy, ‘Sometimes just getting up and carrying on is brave and magnificent’ Charles Mackesy
  • Fun Fact – All Ireland Camogie Medal  
  • 3 words to describe yourself – Positive , Loyal, Caring
  • My Why – Caitriona loves to make a difference – The Bump Room facilitates her to empower women to have positive experiences in pregnancy/labour and into motherhood. Striving for a content and joyful family life. 

Our Bump Room Physios

Introducing our Bump Room Instructors who have completed our training and run their own classes. Their knowledge, experience and clinical skills are invaluable and a tremendous resource to our team.

Ailish Mangan



Danielle Mc Mackin


Leonora Kennedy


The Bump Room Physiotherapists are committed to learning, sharing, teaching and collaborating for improved education on exercise in pregnancy and the postnatal period.


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