The core values of The Bump Room 

  • The instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists/CORU registered who are ideally skilled to deliver high quality classes to this special population and are extremely passionate about exercise in pregnancy.

  • The Bump Room classes are a safe place for mums-to-be to exercise and learn from instructors who are compassionate, professional and connected.  We aim to reassure, encourage and motivate mums-to-be to stay fit, strong and confident to exercise during pregnancy. The classes are reasonably challenging to empower pregnant women about the positive health benefits of exercise in pregnancy.

  • The Bump Room Physiotherapists are committed to learning, sharing, teaching and supporting each other for the development and growth of our classes. We endeavour to collaborate from each other with the most up to date information to create classes that continue to deliver an excellent experience for our pregnant ladies.

To learn more about becoming a Bump Room Instructor read the 7 steps below.

Step 1: We need YOU if you are a Physiotherapist who is

  • Passionate about promoting and empowering exercise.
  • Committed and eager to develop and grow your own business.
  • Willing to learn and be mentored.
  • Open to sharing knowledge and experience.
  • Supportive and will encourage fellow Physiotherapists.
  • Compassionate, understanding and full of integrity.
  • Responsible and conscientious.

Step 2: Meet us

  • Reach out to us directly or even better attend our workshop.
  • The workshop allows you to get a taste of who we are, what we do and how we do it.
  • Ensure our values and principles are aligned and suited with yours.
  • If we all agree it is workable you are invited to join the team and start your own Bump Room.
  • Prior to joining we will ask you to choose a location and venue that suits your life and the needs of the classes.

Step 3: Pay the joining fee (see below)

Step 4: Access to the online instructors area covering

  • Education: Journals, book list, websites, guidelines, social media.
  • Exercises: training videos and five full class sample videos.
  • Class plans: A bank of detailed class plans submitted by every instructor and the full exercise repertoire list.
  • Instructor package: Marketing materials, shared lectures, bump room documents, resources for classes, class exercise charts.
  • Instructor knowledge: Detailed content for discussion topics, bonus videos, education videos.

Step 5: Start your instructor training with a Bump Room co-founder.

  • The trainee instructor will both observe and teach during a six week block under supervision. They must complete an exercise log and reflection journal and will receive written feedback on this weekly.

Step 6: Set up your own Bump Room classes

  • The Instructor will be assigned a Bump Room founder as a mentor for  setting up and running successful Bump Room classes.  The mentor advises on areas like premises, operations, equipment, marketing, accounts and how to ensure repeat business and referrals. The Bump Room administrator sets up the instructors class details and bio on our shared website and booking system.

Step 7: Ongoing mentoring

  • The Bump Room mentor is committed to ongoing coaching for the Instructor in running a successful business reflecting the standards and values of the Bump Room.

What do I receive for the joining fee?

  • The Brand
  • Training
  • Expert knowledge
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • Administrator- The Bump Room has a dedicated administrator who does all the administration work of the classes and is the backbone to our business model. Physiotherapists are busy and do not have time to answer phones/emails/social media messages, manage last minute changes, class lists, receipts, social media content, website management… the list is endless. 
  • Operational documents- The Instructor receives all bump room documents for efficient running of the classes examples include screening forms, incident forms, warning signs, relative/absolute contraindications and health & safety statement.
  • Website and booking system set up- The Instructor’s bump room class will be set up and advertised on the Bump Room website. The Bump Room website will include a personal biography and professional photo of the Instructor.  The details of the Instructor’s classes will also be set up on the Bump Room’s online booking system and linked to the Bump Room website. 
  • Facebook advertising campaign- The Bump Room will promote the Instructor’s class by way of a Facebook advertising campaign to the value of €150 for the first year of the Instructor’s classes.  
  • Online support- The Instructor will receive access to closed social media platforms exclusively for Bump Room Instructors to ask any questions.
  • Instructor marketing bundle- The Instructor will receive a marketing bundle which will include: A Bump Room branded pull up poster for display in Bump Room classes, uniform, promotional business cards, A4 Bump Room posters, A5 Bump Room Education leaflets (four different topics).
  • Media Bundle- The Instructor will have access to editable Bump Room documents to assist the Instructor in promoting their Bump Room class locally.  The Bump Room documents will include: GP/Gynaecologist introduction letter, editorials for local publications and Public Relations contacts.
  • Training days- The Bump Room runs annual training days for all the Bump Room Instructors to attend which cover both clinical and non-clinical areas.  Clinical areas include review of recent literature, resources, new exercises and discussion topics.  Non-clinical areas include review of operating procedures, business planning, marketing and budgeting.  

The one off joining fee is €2195*

*Ongoing running fees to cover administrative costs are covered with initial booking deposit from new clients only

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