The Bump Room Workshop is a practical one day workshop outlining all the exercises we currently teach in The Bump Room classes.

The Key to the workshop is the online private members area which includes the following:

  • Knowledge: Relevant journals, clinical guidelines and book list all in the area of pregnancy and exercise.Websites and social media resources chosen and used regularly by The Bump Room team.
  • Exercises: All the exercises we use in The Bump Room (approx: 250!). This content is delivered in video format and subdivided into positions and props. Positions include: standing, at the wall, four point kneeling, high kneeling, side lying, long sitting etc. Props include gym ball, theraband and half dome. We also cover use of other small props and partner exercises.

Access to the members area is for six months commencing on registration

Why we teach the workshop

We designed the workshop for three reasons:

  1. To develop an online resource for the bump room instructors who joined us. This led to the development of the bump room physios website which has two levels, workshop level and instructor level.
  2. To empower physiotherapists to work with this population and have up to date information around current recommendations and guidelines.
  3. To introduce ourselves and our content to physiotherapists who may be in a position to start up their own physiotherapy led bump room business.


For all of the above reasons please be aware that this course is only open to physiotherapists at present.

Is the Bump Room Workshop for you?

  • Are you a physiotherapist that is interested in exercise in pregnancy/women’s health and want to learn more?
  • Do you want to learn a rich and varied content of over 250 exercises?
  • Do you want access to exercises that are safe, effective and proven for your pregnant clients?
  • Do you want training in this specialist area from physiotherapists that have collectively taught over 5000 women?
  • Do you want access to a training website full of literature, resources and the video repertoire of all the exercises that we teach?


Next workshops are 9th Feb 2019 in Killaloe, Co. Clare and a second date TBC in September 2019

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